Snap Video: Post 15 sec. Videos!
Snap Video: Post 15 sec. Videos!
iOS Version 1.8.2

Enjoy our newly released user ranking system!
You can get a FC2 Video premium membership if you are listed in the TOP 5!

A User Ranking system for 'FC2 Snap Video' has been released for iPhone.
If you are listed in the TOP 5 of the user rankings, you can get a FC2 Video 1-week premium membership!
Rankings will be updated every week. So, if you are listed in the TOP 5 every can watch as many videos on FC2 Video as you want without viewing limits!

FC2 Snap Video is a free application that lets you take and upload videos up to 15 seconds long.

FC2 Snap Video is for:

  • Those who want to keep lots of videos of the family or of their travels!
  • Those who want to watch snap videos uploaded by other users!
  • Those who are using FC2 Video and want to upload their videos!
  • Those who want to share videos on Twitter or Facebook!
    *Issued account and login required to upload videos.


  • Video upload (Public, Private)
  • View public videos
  • Follow User (Add to Favorite)
  • List of videos uploaded by you (storage place)
  • Log in to your FC2 account as well as issue one.
  • Comment to video
  • video upload request function to uploader (Want to see more video! button)
  • Video filter processing
  • Profile Settings
  • FC2 Blog Linking function

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