FC2ライブ FCAS Viewer
FC2 Live FCAS Viewer
iOS Version 1.6.8
  • FC2ライブの視聴専用アプリ
  • 好みの番組を見つける
  • コメントでコミュニケーション
  • アンケートに回答
  • 横視聴にも対応

FC2 Live Viewing App

Viewing app for FC2 Live with 3.7 million users (as of April 2018) now available! Send comments while watching live programs anytime, anywhere!

Communicate with other viewers and performers globally through comments
FC2 Live is compatible in 12 languages, so enjoy and connect to programs and audiences from around the world through comments.

Watch your favorite programs again and again
Get notifications for programs that you have saved to your favorites.
Participate in a survey and get to know each other more

Answer the vloggers survey then share and compare your answers with everyone.

Main features

  • Watch live broadcasts
  • Leave and receive comments
  • Favorites notification feature
  • Survey answering feature
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