FC2 Blog Topics
FC2 Blog Topics
Android Version 2.0.0
  • Access swiftly to the popular articles.
  • View from the ranking or history.
  • Check ranking in each Genre.
  • Bookmark your favorite articles to Favorites
  • The Bookmark feature and the Share feature are also available.
  • Customize the feed freely from the Settings!

Absolutely free! With this app dedicated for FC2 Blog you can read popular articles on FC2 Blog.

Pick up "Popular Articles"

Popular articles on FC2 Blog are listed and
you can read them whenever you like.
You also can check the popularity ranking of the articles.

Read the articles you wish to read!

Designate the genre you want to read and you can read articles on the topics easily.
There are lots of genres available like Games, Hobbies, Manga, Online games, News, etc.

Add your favorite articles to "Favorites"

Once you find an interesting article, just add it to [Favorites].
You can read your favorited articles anytime.

Article Hiding feature

If you don't want to read an article, hide them and it's not shown on your list.

Once you access an article it will be listed to History

You can access the articles you have read later from the History feature.

The Widget feature enables you check articles swiftly

The downloaded articles are shown on the device's home screen. So, you can easily access to them.

Reading articles is so easy.

Tap the arrow button on the bottom and you can scroll down.
And you can scroll pages or list with volume key.

Share the popular articles.

You can share articles to Twitter and Facebook, or by email or message.

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